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17 March, 2016



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Space Dash: Earth Defender - is a free mobile game available for iOS and Android. It’s the first project by the young team of indie developers “Grape Leaf Studios”. Being Astro, a monkey from outta space, it’s on you to battle the invaders who want to rule the earth. All you have for your defense? Trash! What their fan base is loving about Space Dash’s is the simplicity and the addictivity – that’s why Space Dash is a great pastime game for being on the go.


Space Dash was released on iOS and Android in March 2016. - “The earth is attacked by aliens! Can you safe it? Equipped just by space junk you start an adventurous journey through the solar system. But watch out! Bigger enemies wait for you at every planet you pass.” Andreas Amon, who started to realize his idea in 2015, took profit from a lot of user feedbacks in the beta phase to make the wishes and ideas from many game fans come true. “In the beta phase we noticed the big potential of Space Dash. We were very thankful to everyone who shared their thoughts about this game with us. And now we’re very proud we developed this special game together. And let’s just be honest. Who doesn’t love to throw light bulbs and fire their enemies with fruits?"


  • Simple and addictive gameplay - Easy to play but hard to succeed!
  • Unlock more than 20 different sorts of trash - unlock them all!
  • Take a journey through our solar system and visit all planets - each of them with a harder boss.
  • Endless mode - break out of our solar system and rule the universe and highscores
  • Minigames on each planet - Win all challenges to get stronger and stronger
  • Highscores - Challenge your friend and thousands of other players
  • Achievements - Collect all achievements and get a hero
  • Upgrades - Upgrade your weapons to get better
  • Mighty Power-ups - Destroy your enemies with lasers and EMP's
  • Lottery - Get a gift everyday
  • Videoreplay - Video record your game and share it with friends


Space Dash teaser - 2016 YouTube

First gameplay teaser YouTube


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About Grape Leaf Studios

Grape Leaf Studios is an game development and publisher team based in Vienna, Austria. We are developing mobile games for iOS, Android and FireOS. As a publisher we help other developers so they can focus on developing games. Publisher activities: Publish process (Steam, Mobile), Monetization, Analytics, Marketing, Press Kit, Game trailer, App store optimization, Graphics and more

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Space Dash: Earth Defender Credits

Andreas Amon
Publisher and Developer, Grape Leaf Studios

Michael Mroz
Developer, Grape Leaf Studios

Bernhard Rieder
Developer, Grape Leaf Studios

Markus Rieder
Graphic designer, Grape Leaf Studios

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